Manufacturing structure


  • Unalloyed steels
  • Low-alloy creep-resistant steels up to 10CrMo 9.10
  • High-alloy rust- and acid-resistant austenitic steels
  • Plastic jacket steel pipes


  • Cast iron pipes (grey cast iron, nodular cast iron)
  • Plastic pipes (PVC, PE)
  • lass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes


  • Water (drinking water, service water and waste water)
  • Compressed air, control air
  • Gases (town/natural gas, domestic natural gas, liquefied gas, technical gases)
  • Steam, heating water
  • Flammable liquids
  • Chemical products
  • Foodstuffs and luxury foods

Die SMB-Rohrleitungsbau Wildau GmbH & Co. KG win Future-Award 2009 of Brandenburg (Germany).

Cooperation with SAACKE GmbH:

Now also Competence in Sewage Teatment Plant - Technology